Sunday, August 14, 2005

Work, work...

Well, most of Vacation Time is gone ! Hurah ! There are just 2 weeks of it and that WORK !!!!
"ARE YOU CRAZY ?" You might ask... Aye ! I am !!! Or maybe I am just workholic... I love my job. I like my crazy kids and thair crazy ideas. I like to get up early and to go to my school ... I like to explain eazy topic for 10 hours just for to see understanding in the eyes of John or Kate. A teacher must be an actor playing his role with love and understanding. Teacher must love his/her work.
And that's the true. And at my work there are many funny things.
Just imagine...
Once I had a class of full grown people ( the proper age for my kind of school is 13-16, and they were 18) They had many problems with the law, they used many dirty words and on the beginning of our meetings they told me they will not learn English at all. After some time I made them learn. Not by force... I was talking about their activities ( street fighting, football ...) and finally they started to learn.
One day , before the lesson started, one of them (Thomas) came to me (he didn't make his homework because he didn't unerstand the topic) and said:
"Fuck, Mam. I didn't do that bloody homework . I tried like fucking hell , but it fucking didn't work. "
You can imagine my face... I wanted to shout at him first but than I realized that he really doesn't know different language than that .
I looked at him and said:
"So show me your bloody homework than. We will work it out ! "
He looked at me with a great suprise... "Yes, Mam !" he said...
We worked that bloody homework down and than I started to talk with them about the language they used. After few monthes they tsarted to use different words in place of those dirty once...

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