Sunday, February 12, 2006

Severus Snape - is he evil or not ?

I've been thinking....
Many HP fans ( and other people ) think that Snape is evil. Is he ?
Alright than. Let's think about it for a while.

What makes people thinking that he is evil ?

1. He was a Death Eater .
2. He hates Harry Potter.
3. He is sarcastic and ironic.
4. During his being a Head of Slytherin he always prefferred Slytherin than other pupils.
5. He behaves like "big bat" wonderring around Hogwarts.
6. He was the one who had told The Dark Lord about the Prophesy.
7. He (in Spinners End - HBP BOOK 6) agrees to be bound by Unbreakable Vow.
8. He kills Dumbledore and escapes.

( If you know any more reasons let me know ;-) )

Why I do think he is not evil...

1. He was a Death Eather but he turned to the Good Side and for many years he worked in The Order Of The Phoenix.
2. Dumbledore always says that he fully trusts Snape.
3. He had to learn Oclumency and become the best in it. Is it so difficult to understand that it had change him and he can not be open to people .
4. His memorries of what had happen at school and what he had done as a Death Eater makes him regreat it. No suprise he is sad , ironic and sarcastic - it's a good defence.
5. Everytime there is posibility that any pupil could be in danger , he defends pupils. ( even if he doesn't like the child )
6. Harry is mostly mistaken about Snape. We can see it in every book.
7. He works for the Order as a spy. He had to bound himself into Unbreakable Vow because other Death Eaters wouldn't belive him. Another think is that he is probably Dracos godfather so there is no suprise he wants to safe Draco from death or something worst - become real follower of The Dark Lord.
8. He had told The Dark Lord about The Prophesy because than he was a Death Eater. But he had turned (look point 1. )
9. He had killed Dumbledore. Right , but I belive that Dumbledore ordered him to keep his cover under every circumstances even if it was killing somebody like Dumbledore. Another reason was that he had to do it for not to die himself and Dumbledore knew he is usefull as a spy.
10. Finally, whan he escapes and Harry tries to stop him he could kill Harry in one move. Insteed he gives him advices ...

As to that "He hates Harry Potter".... I start to "do not like" Potter myself. Those"I am so great Wizard... I fought The Dark Lord so many times.... And they just do not want me to help them..." of him makes me mad. Stupid little boy who thinks that he is so great.*Slytherin Smile*

That's what I am thinking...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Severus Snape

Here is good link to Biography of Severus Snape.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Severus Snape

Alright. Let's say it loud. "I am crazy. I am Severus Snape fan" I am his fan since I have read the first book (it was all because my pupils. They wanted Harry Potter book as a reading material. So I had to read it and ... I felt in love...) So, now I chat on a forum, and collect all the stuff about Snape I can get. I even have Slytherin scarf and Slytherin ring ;-)
On the right of my blog you can find a link to some Snape sides.

I also draw some pictures of him... Aren't good but are mine ;-)

And I've created a bot ... On the right side of a page you can find a link to it and talk to Severus Snape. Enjoy ;-)