Thursday, August 11, 2005

Night thoughts part 3...

I do not belive in love.
There is no such a thing at all. There are Users and those who are being used. When you love somebody you are in that second group. You give yourself, your love , your body , your feelings your soul...You give everything you have and much more. You cry when nobody can see youand keep saying that everything is just all right. You smile when everything is collapsing about you and the only thing you want to do is to cry.You try to explain your user to yourself. You blame yourself for everything.And you are afride of losing that person...
And your User is always unsatisfied. You do everything wrongand it's your task to find out what you have done wrong.
There is no such a thing like love. Bit there is hate. When you are so deep that you can't see the sky, when you can't make yourself smile any longer, when youare so desperate that you are able to think again... Your "love" changes into hate.
Tha's why I do not belive in love.'Cause true love can't be changed. True love comes from two people , not from one person. Love is something between...
It's not a rope on which someone is holding happiness. It's something what make two people understand eachother, help eachother. Not to kill eachother.
There is no such a thing like love.

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