Monday, August 01, 2005


Is there anything like love ? Sometimes I really think there is not. You meet someone... Everything seems to be good... After some time you realize that you like to spend your time with that person, you can talk for hours about everything... You find being in love ... Than you start to be together... Monthes or yoears even pass... Than you find yourself doing everything just to get a smile from her or him... You give all your heart, mind, body to someone who behaves like he hates you... But there are still some moments of which you can be happy... There are...
But than everything just backs to "normal" and than you just want to escape... Escape anywhere...
But the truth is that at some age you have no place to escape , no place to hide... Funny, isn't it ?
So , you live your life and dream that something will change one day... And what if not ... ?

Here is one of my poems. I wrote it in reply for friends poem about dream woman...

In reply to a friends poem...

You have to be gentle man
And carrying
Listenning to what am saying
You have to play and sing
Like me
For my man to be

You have to love water
And sun
Long walks and free space
You have to be a'bit rover
Like me
For my man to be

You have to love me a little
And admire a'bit
Daydreaming with me
You have to be able to forget
Like me
For my man to be

But you can be different
Of course
There are no such a man at all

On the other hand ... I wrote a poem once...

"Little Pray"

God I'm praying You
Keep my live and soul
From dark side of world
I'm just little girl
When I'm by Your side
I'm feeling good

Staying on crossing roads
Trying to believe
That all will be good
Thinking about the love
Hopping that somewhen
I'll find someone

So , God I'm praying You
Give me power for
To live and to be
Give for poors sam cash
For homeless give some place
To stay and to live

If you're hearing me
God I'm begging You
Give for all their needs
My Lord if You can
My Lord if You want
Show me that I'm not alone

Sometimes I think that the best way to be happy is to feel nothing... Not to be able to feel love, sadness, jelousy...

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